Care Instruction

Our textiles are naturally dyed, therefore the treatment will be a little bit different with the chemical dyed textiles.

To Wash:


  • Hand wash them
  • Use cold water
  • The best way is to wash them with Synthrapol detergent
  • Keep away from cleaning products which contain citric acid since it will change the colors

Do not:

  • Do not machine wash the textiles
  • Do not dry clean


To Dry:


  • Hang the textiles or
  • lay them on the flat surface with another piece of fabric underneath
  • Air dry if possible


  • Do not dry the textiles directly under the sunlight
  • Do not machine dry
  • Do not iron


To Vacuum:


  • Put the suction in low mode
  • Place a piece of nylon screen mesh attached to an embroidery loom
  • Start vacuuming through the nylon screen mesh


  • Directly vacuum


To Store:

  • Keep it in a rolled shape if possible. Use a tube of PVC pipe and piece of acid-free tissue paper:
    • Put a piece of acid-free tissue underneath the textiles,
    • Make sure there are no creases
    • Star rolling the pipe with a part of the acid-free tissue paper covering the pipe
    • The size of the acid-free tissue must be larger than the textiles
  • If rolling is not possible, folding the textiles is also possible by doing this steps:
    • Let the textiles out of the storage once in a while to prevent damage created by folding them
    • Re-fold the textiles in different directions to prevent permanent marks on the textiles
    • Place an acid-free tissue paper between one to another textile in the storage
  • Store the textiles in a low humidity place since high humidity can increase the growth of mold. Keep the storage in an air-conditioned room
  • Keep the surrounding clean and away from things that can attract insects




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